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Alan Weisman

For Earth’s sake, we’re better off dead

Pursuing a simple question to myriad and meticulously researched answers, Weisman reports: What happens to our terrestrial home after humanity makes an exit?

The fate of cities, farms, landfills and wild places is laid bare, with surprising speculations. It is humbling and also hopeful that in this post-human world, as now, Nature will likely manage to heal the injuries sustained at our hands. These pages brim with the evidence of our arrogance and foolishness; human existence seems silly and small in comparison. Weisman believes the memory of humanity eventually will be erased: our art, architecture and clumsy attempts to improve the world. Seeing this future is like running into an old flame and realizing the time you’ve been apart made your ex happier, more beautiful. You walk away, knowing you blew it.

Earth was the one that got away.