Penguin's Book Recommendation Hotline Returns

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Penguin's Book Recommendation Hotline Returns

Just in time for the holiday gift-giving season, The Penguin Publishing Group has revived a previous service of theirs. The Penguin Hotline allows for anyone to contact one of hundreds of Penguin employees, who will help gift-givers recommend the right book for them or anyone on their holiday gift list.

The Penguin Group touts their responders as “the best-read people on the planet,” and promises that their recommendations will be “publisher-agnostic,” meaning that such recommendations will come in the form of books from many different book publishers, rather than just Penguin’s own.

This will be the hotline’s fourth year of service, with the hotline growing every year—its third year had 50 percent more responses than the year before. The Penguin Hotline has reached readers from all over the world, with several participants praising the diverse and eerily accurate book recommendations from the service.

The service relaunches today, Nov. 28. Check out their website now to contact the hotline.