These Star Wars Propaganda Posters Showcase the Empire's Dark Side

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These <i>Star Wars Propaganda</i> Posters Showcase the Empire's Dark Side

A Star Destroyer hovering over a planet, symbolizing Imperial domination.

An X-wing delivering a message of resistance and hope on behalf of the Rebellion.

A line of armed, faceless First Order stormtroopers promoting unity.

Star Wars Propaganda: A History of Persuasive Art in the Galaxy collects 50 powerful images created for both the Empire and the Rebel Alliance to promote their conflicting agendas. Author Pablo Hidalgo, who currently serves as Lucasfilm’s Creative Director, pairs each work of art with a description detailing the “in-world ‘artist’ who created it (either willingly or through coercion), where in the Star Wars galaxy it appeared, and why that particular location was targeted.” The book also boasts 10 removable art prints for fans to display.

Enjoy browsing through some of the Empire’s propaganda posters in the gallery, and click here to learn more about the book.