To BB-8 or Not to BB-8? Check Out Art and Excerpts from The Force Doth Awaken

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To BB-8 or Not to BB-8? Check Out Art and Excerpts from <i>The Force Doth Awaken</i>

Modern bard Ian Doescher returns to a galaxy far, far away in his newest book, The Force Doth Awaken. Released today by Quirk Books, the title marks Doescher’s seventh installment in his William Shakespeare’s Star Wars series.

The series kicked off in 2013 with Verily, A New Hope, in which Doescher transformed George Lucas’ first Star Wars film into a Shakespearean play. Doescher continued to employ his knack for writing in iambic pentameter, adapting Episodes I through VI by 2015. Now he’s returned to tackle The Force Awakens in one of his most gloriously creative books yet.

Intrigued? Then you’ll love the two excerpts below. The first is the book’s prologue, which Doescher adapted from The Force Awakens’ opening title crawl:

Outer space. Enter chorus.

Luke Skywalker hath sadly disappear’d,
And in his absence come most wicked foes.
The cruel First Order hath made all afeard—
Like phoenix from the Empire’s ash it grows.
They shall not rest till Skywalker is dead,
Yet others seek to rescue him from harm.
By Leia—General Organa—led,
Th’Republic doth a brave Resistance arm.
Her brother she doth earnestly pursue,
Thus may he help bring peace to restoration.
She sends a daring pilot to Jakku,
Where one old friend perchance knows Luke’s location.
In time so long ago begins our play,
In yearning galaxy far, far away.

The second excerpt captures the emotional moment when Han Solo and Chewbacca board the Millennium Falcon for the first time in years:

Behold, now enter two familiar chaps,
Their countenances older and grown wise:
Though thirty years did o’er their lives elapse,
Most happ’ly shall they come before your eyes.
[Exit Chorus.]

Enter Han Solo and Chewbacca.

O, vision I had never thought to see,
O, sight beyond belief, an ’twere a dream,
O, scene wherein I never thought to play,
O, spectacle that warms a smuggler’s heart—
My ship, my strength, my soul, my ev’rything:
Chewbacca, we are home.

Like the previous installments, The Force Doth Awaken also features original illustrations by Nicolas Delort. Check out the gallery to view some of his stunning work, and visit Quirk Books to learn more about the series.