The Best Comic Book Covers of November 2014

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The Best Comic Book Covers of November 2014

To celebrate the gorgeous visual innovation occurring in comic stores online and off, Paste selects its favorite comic book covers every month. Here were our picks for September and October.

November sees some familiar faces return to our cover art hall of fame, including Juan Ferreyra on not one, but two pieces. Both covers — including a guest spot on Constantine — revel in shade and silhouette, not unlike the artist’s work on Colder: The Bad Seed #1, featured last month. But contrast can be found in more than just light values; The Bad Seed sports a nasty tonal surprise for the keen-eyed who pry their eyes from the gorgeous Fall foliage to the ground below. I don’t think anyone was expecting that. I sure as hell wasn’t.

J.H. Williams III also returns with a classic take on Morpheus for a (hopefully) new issue of The Sandman: Oveture. The watercolor billows of smoke direct the focus sharply to the center, where Dream appears to be pulling Matthew (!!!) from a magic hat. Even if the piece wasn’t immaculately executed, the plot insinuations and illusory aura would still make this a favorite.

Elsewhere, Jae Lee has some fun with text used as a prop and Skottie Young makes us all wonder why Rocket Raccoon isn’t a daily syndicated comic. Let us know your favorite covers in the comments.