Alec Baldwin Next in Line for a Comedy Central Roast

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Alec Baldwin Next in Line for a Comedy Central Roast

Comedy Central is rolling out the red carpet for Alec Baldwin with a good, old-fashioned roasting. Baldwin will be this year’s Roastee, with the Comedy Central Roast of Alec Baldwin set to tape in New York.

An airdate has yet to be announced, but Baldwin is already getting ready to get seriously dunked on. But we guess after a year of playing Donald Trump on Saturday Night Life, he’s gotten used to that.

“Getting roasted will be the greatest honor of my lifetime besides being a father, a husband, hosting SNL 17 times, receiving Golden Globes, Emmys and working with Martin Scorsese,” said Baldwin with his characteristic humility in a statement.

Jonas Larsen of Comedy Central is just one of many of us (read: all of us) foaming at the mouth at the chance to see everyone’s favorite asshole get dragged through the mud.

“Alec Baldwin has done so many great things it will be a unique treat to spend a night focusing on everything he’d rather forget,” said Larsen, Comedy Central’s executive vice president of talent and development, in a statement.

We’re hoping to see some jabs related to that one time last year Baldwin was arrested for punching someone in the face over a parking spot.

Baldwin is the next in a long line of Roastees. Joel Gallen, who’s set to executive produce the Comedy Central Roast of Alec Baldwin, also helmed roasts of Bruce Willis, Justin Bieber, Rob Lowe, James Franco, Charlie Sheen and even Donald Trump.

In the first promotional video for Baldwin’s roast, the actor says he “can’t find anything to criticize” about himself. We can’t imagine his roasters will have that problem.

Check out the promo for yourself below.