Watch Stephen Colbert and Andy Daly Talk Review, Pancakes and Sex Dolls

Comedy Video Andy Daly
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Andy Daly’s criminally underseen Review has just started it’s third and final season, much to the chagrin of all of us at Paste. Last night, Daly visited The Late Show with Stephen Colbert where we got to hear him talk all about his final season of Review, pancakes and the $4,000 sex doll they used in the first season.

After convincingly suggesting that Carmax give him a new car (you can see one of his Carmax commercials here), Daly went on to talk about his character Forrest MacNeil’s ill-fated hubris that compels him to review everyday life, “observing human life from a remove, which is hard to do if you’re alive. But it’s because he’s really not living his life.” One of the better moments of the interview is their discussion of Forrest’s review of what it’s like to make a sex tape. After his wife’s refusal to participate, he then went to purchase a $4,000 sex doll to film the sex tape. Oddly enough, the prop master for the show was able to borrow the floor model from a sex shop. And it just gets worse from there.

Check out the interview above. You can also read Paste’s recent interview with Andy Daly here, see the trailer for the final season of Review here and Paste’s review of the first episode of season three of Review here. Confusing, right? Well, just wait—you can also read Paste’s ranking of every review in Review so far (excluding season three … for now) here.