Listen to an Exclusive Track from Anthony DeVito's New Stand-up Album

Comedy Audio Anthony DeVito
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You don't have to go to college for stand-up. You do for architecture, though, as Anthony DeVito talks about in this clip from his upcoming album Dream Occupation, which comes out via Comedy Central Records next Friday, Aug. 18. You might know DeVito from his appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, from MSG's People Talking Sports and Other Stuff, or from his own podcast, The Rad Dudecast, all of which is good prep for his first album, which will be streaming on Pandora, Apple Music and Spotify next Friday. If you have the Laughly app, you can actually hear it a full day early, on Thursday, Aug. 17. And if you want to preorder the damn thing already, that's already an option on iTunes. It's possible that, come next Friday morning, you can tune every device and computer you own into a different streaming network or downloadable distribution service into Anthony DeVito's debut stand-up album, letting his jokes hit you from every angle like some kind of sound art installation, his voice ricocheting off of itself from every corner of your den, letting you discover new notes and tones WITHIN the sounds, new laughs BETWEEN the jokes. Or you can just listen to it like a normal person.

Hey, he also has a Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents on Oct. 6!

Before all of this, though, Paste has the pleasure of presenting you with this exclusive preview, where DeVito talks about a pretty amazing project he cooked up while studying architecture in college in Florida. Florida is full of old people, which you need to know, and is also the home of WWE's developmental system, the Performance Center, which is tangentially related to this here comedy bit as well. Just listen to it already. It's called "Then, I Went to College." It's track four on Dream Occupation. It's good.