Ben Schwartz and Joe Keery Unite to Put Your Stranger Things and Parks and Rec Crossover Rumors to Bed

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Ben Schwartz and Joe Keery look nothing alike, and their characters are completely different, just ask them. Since the premiere of Stranger Things, fans have been joking that Steve Harrington, who is an Indiana teenager in the 1980’s, is actually the father of Jean-Ralphio Saperstein, who lives in Indiana in the present day on Parks and Recreation.

In a new segment for The Late Late Show, the actors who played Harrington and Saperstein, Keery and Schwartz respectively, sat down with Entertainment Tonight host Nischelle Turner to clear up the ridiculous rumors. The pair show up in matching outfits, which were teased in photos posted by Schwartz earlier this week.

After a few questions that the pair manage to answer identically, the come to the conclusion fans reached long ago. “You’re my father,” Schwartz says as the pair hurry up to catch up on the bonding they never got to do. Keery teaches Schwartz how to shave, ride a bike, and even shoot a basketball.

All of this is ruined somewhat by Turner, who points out that this is actually impossible. “Ben, you’re older than Joe!” she says. Logistics don’t matter, though. Schwartz has found his real father, a man he can finally look up to no matter what his age. Check out the full video above, and wonder at the majesty of two actors who make their own clothes.