Feeling Meme-ish: Bernie Sanders

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Feeling Meme-ish: Bernie Sanders

This election year, voters are gravitating towards the outsider candidates. The right has Trump, the left has Bernie. They are polar opposites in everything, except that they both are recognizable by their emphatic supporters and unique hairstyles.

Grumpy, old, left-wing Bernie is so lovable that even those who would never vote for him can’t help but like him. His authenticity seeps through his curmudgeonly, grandfatherly hands with every gesticulation. Where many Hillary supporters are tepid, most Bernie fans burn with passion. Some are skeptical as to the feasibility of his ideas, while others find his ideas inspiring and revolutionary. And a small group points out that his ludicrous ideas of universal healthcare and accessible education are actually par for the course in most first world countries.

However you feel about the man and the candidate, here’s a collection of Bernie Sanders memes for you to share and enjoy.

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