Watch John Oliver Join Billy on the Street

Comedy Video Billy on the Street
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Billy Eichner returns to the street, this week with HBO host John Oliver. Oliver is only the latest guest in Eichner’s star-studded fifth season of Billy on the Street, which has included Seth Rogen, Aziz Ansari, Jon Hamm and Lupita Nyong’o. This week, the question is, “Do gay people care about John Oliver?”

It’s hard to deny that this segment is hilarious, but just as hard to pin down why. Earlier this season, Eichner mocked The New Yorker’s attempt to do so, casting Hamm as The New Yorker’s logo, who recites the catch-phrase, “Take me seriously, I get very upset if you don’t.” Indeed, Eichner’s humor lies in cutting past any pretense of rational analysis straight to raw opinion.

Five seasons in, Eichner’s charisma is nowhere close to wearing off, and Oliver’s awkward explanation of how “being on once a week really allows us to get into more depth” fits perfectly.

Later in the episode, in a brand new segment called Louie C-3PO, Billy and Elena speak with New Yorkers to get their take on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Finally, Billy is joined by identical twins Christopher and Jonathan to play “Hanukkah or Stupid?”

Billy on the Street airs Tuesdays at 10:30 p.m. EST on truTV. Watch the new clip above, and find more recent Billy on the Street clips here.