We Need To Talk About The Mark McGrath Break-Up Cameo

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We Need To Talk About The Mark McGrath Break-Up Cameo

Update, 11/26/19: Twitter user @seanappalled has reached out to let us know that he hired the Mark McGrath Cameo and also hired Anthony Scaramucci for a follow up. When asked for a statement, he said, “All this viral and Mark McGrath wont even follow me you guys [sic].”

When was the last time you thought about the ‘90s Smash Mouth-adjacent alt-pop group Sugar Ray? Better yet, when is the last time you’ve thought about Mark McGrath, lead singer of the aforementioned ‘90s Smash Mouth-adjacent alt-pop group? Unless you recall his stint on Extra! (which you really shouldn’t), it’s probably been a long, long time.

Luckily, that changes today, because Mark McGrath was paid to do a Cameo helping someone break up with their long-distance boyfriend.

I… have so many questions. First of all, is this real? And if it is, who thought this was a good idea? Why did Mark McGrath agree to do this? Perhaps he thought he was helping Braden with his words of solidarity (though “I have a wife and long distance is hard” does not equate to “my girlfriend is breaking up with me via Cameo,” Mark) or maybe he thought he was helping Cheyenne instead. Why is THIS the break-up method Cheyenne chooses? This is worse than a very faux pas break-up text.

If it’s not real, was this Mark McGrath’s idea or someone else’s? If you think about it, a fake break-up cameo featuring none other than Mark freakin’ McGrath is recipe for pure gold internet virality. If he came up with this, he’s an actual genius. Maybe one day we’ll know, but today, it’s basically the new blue/black or gold/white dress conundrum.

One thing I do know for sure is that Mark McGrath is indeed on Cameo, and you can buy a message from him for whoever you’d like for the low price of $100. Just don’t break up with your significant other through him, okay?

Annie Black is Paste’s social media editor. Believe it or not, her first CD purchase at the mere age of seven in 1999 was Sugar Ray’s 14:59 (and a copy of Aqua’s Aquarium.) She spends most of her work day (and life) on Twitter where she stumbles upon this sort of stuff— follow her there if you’d like!