Watch Christina P Expound on Motherhood in the New Trailer for Mom Genes

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Watch Christina P Expound on Motherhood in the New Trailer for <i>Mom Genes</i>

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and with it comes a new Netflix comedy special from Christina P: Mom Genes. The comedian’s latest hour was filmed at the Gramercy Theatre in New York and arrives on the streaming platform on May 8.

Not only does Christina P rock a bold pink power suit on Mom Genes, but as the title suggests, she digs into the unglamorous and often underappreciated path of motherhood, among other topics. The new trailer for the special sets the tone well, as she describes the wild and unpredictable ride that is being a parent. One moment you’re ready to throw your baby in the river, and the next you want a whole baseball team of them.

The subject is hardly a new one for Christina P; her comedy podcast Where My Moms At? also plumbs the depths of modern motherhood, featuring guests like Dr. Drew, Alyssa Milano, and Meadow Soprano herself, Jamie-Lynn Sigler. Christina P also co-hosts the podcast Your Mom’s House with her husband, fellow comedian Tom Segura (who she shouts out in the trailer below). Her previous Netflix specials include Mother Inferior (2017) and The Degenerates (2018).

Watch the trailer for Mom Genes, out on Netflix on May 8, below.