Colbert's Bandleader Jon Batiste Gives Us a Free Jazz Lesson

Comedy Video
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There is exactly zero politics in this video from last night’s episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. It’s not timely or cutting or scathing, and he doesn’t “destroy” or “eviscerate” anybody (he’s kind of left that biz for John Oliver and Samantha Bee to pick up, anyway). It’s simply a good, absurd bit of comedy, with Jon Batiste, the New Orleans-born leader of the show’s jazztastic band Stay Human, giving us a glimpse of his “How to Jazz” instructional videos. If you like sight gags and non sequiturs and find the word “jazz” inherently hilarious, you’ll probably like this video as much as I did. Check it out above while I Spotify some of my favorite Kansas City reverse artists.