Watch a Woman Tell Her Husband She's Pregnant as Conan O'Brien Pours Milk Down the Sink

Comedy Video Conan O'Brien
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The internet is a scary place sometimes, but it’s stories like this that remind you it can be a force for positivity.

In ClickHole’s latest video, their first to feature a celebrity, a woman tells her husband that she’s pregnant—meanwhile, Conan O’Brien pours perfectly good milk down the drain.

ClickHole approached Team Coco, Conan’s website, about doing a video with him. Apparently culled from more than 100 initial story ideas, the milk story, where a man learns he’s going to be a father for the first time and also Conan pours unexpired milk down the sink, was one of four presented to Team Coco general manager Steve Beslow and Conan head writer, Matt O’Brien, who selected it as their favorite.

ClickHole wrote and edited the script, then dispatched a small crew to L.A. to shoot and direct the short on an iPhone. You can watch the heartwarming results above and look forward to more, as ClickHole has more celebrity collaborations coming up.