Listen to an Exclusive Clip From Dana Gould's New Stand-up Album

Comedy Audio Dana Gould
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If you follow comedy at all you probably know the name Dana Gould. The Massachusetts native has been churning through the stand-up clubs for over 30 years, with specials on HBO and appearances on Letterman, Conan, Kimmel and all kinds of talk shows and cable channels. He wrote for the cult favorite The Ben Stiller Show and was a writer and producer on The Simpsons for years. More recently, he's the creator of IFC's comedy horror series Stan Against Evil, which returns on Nov. 1. He also hosts a popular podcast, The Dana Gould Show. If you played videogames in the '90s, you might recognize him as the voice of Gex, who was like the gecko version of Sonic the Hedgehog. Look, you don't need to analyze a resume to laugh at some jokes, but we're just trying to set the scene here; Gould is a wizened pro and a grizzled vet and a comedian you should be aware of.

(He was also a huge critic of Comedy Central's youth-oriented programming decisions when I talked to him at Just for Laughs in 2015. "In any occupation with a camera involved, people are just youth-obsessed. There’s nothing you can do about it. I know that Comedy Central’s new series is just comedians’ ultrasounds, so I think they’re getting a little silly," he said.)

Throughout all the TV work he's continued performing stand-up, and he's ready to release his first album in four years. Mr. Funny Man comes out tomorrow, Oct. 6, on the legendary indie-rock label Kill Rock Stars. (Dana Gould is now labelmates with Lungleg and Team Dresch.) You can listen to an exclusive preview here at Paste, where Gould ponders the phallic themes barely bubbling under the surface of the Fast and the Furious movies.

Mr. Funny Man will be available on all streaming and download services tomorrow.