Desus and Mero's Green Book Parody Is Way Better Than Green Book

Comedy Features Desus and Mero
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Desus and Mero's <i>Green Book</i> Parody Is <i>Way</i> Better Than <i>Green Book</i>

Hey, go pull your TV out of the trash: Desus and Mero are back. Their brand new Showtime show launched last week under the familiar name Desus & Mero, with a guest appearance from fellow Bronx native Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and the same kind of irrepressible charm that made their Viceland and Complex shows so good. It also somehow predicted the future, it seems, as it featured this takedown of Green Book that has gained new relevance since the movie won Best Picture at the Oscars last night. If you somehow don’t understand the complaints about Green Book, or why its facile take on racism is so outdated and tone-death, watch the clip below, and then go talk to literally any black person about the movie. They are guaranteed to have a different opinion about it than, say, the typical 70-something white person.

The new Desus & Mero airs on Showtime on Thursdays at 11 p.m. ET/PT.