Donald Glover Sings "Kiss From a Rose" with James Corden, Jams with Reggie Watts on The Late Late Show

Comedy Video Donald Glover
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From Derrick Comedy to 30 Rock to Community to Childish Gambino to Atlanta, Donald Glover has proven himself to be one of the most versatile and charismatic performers working today, and his brief stint on last night’s The Late Late Show with James Corden is a perfect microcosm of what makes him so talented.

During the appearance, Corden asked Glover about his favorite karaoke song, which turns out to be Seal’s “Kiss from A Rose,” and the two quickly began to sing the song, despite not actually knowing most of the words.

Then Corden threw it over to bandleader Reggie Watts, who asked Glover to jam with him, and from there the two quickly put together a song that made us realize we need a Gambino/Watts collaboration.

Glover was on The Late Late Show to plug Atlanta, which you should definitely be watching. Everybody’s doing it.

You can watch Glover and Corden duet their nonsense version of “Kiss from A Rose” above, and see Glover jam with Watts below.