There's an Official "Donald Trump Jam," and It's as Horrible as You'd Imagine

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I guess this is what happens when multiplemusicians have yelled at you about using their songs for campaign purposes. Donald Trump, leading presidential candidate on the Republican side, has taken matters into his own hand with something called “The Donald Trump Jam.” It features young girls in America-themed cheerleader costumes shouting cheery lyrics like:

“Cowardice? Are you serious?
Apologies for freedom?
I can’t handle this!”


“Enemies of freedom
Face the music
Come on, boys!
Take ‘em down

President Donald Trump
knows how to make America great!
Deal from strength
or get crushed every time!”

In other words, some really nuanced stuff. And it’s always nice to see children being used to spread a message that they’re probably not seasoned enough to understand, much less endorse. The performance comes from a group called “The Freedom Girls” out of Pensacola, FL, so it may not be Trump himself commissioning this stuff. But anyway, it pretty much fits right in with his modus operandi, doesn’t it?

And on the “political song” scale, it rates about a 1.5, with the videos below as a perfect 10:

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