Resting Faces for Men

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Resting Faces for Men

I find it incredibly unfair that there is no male equivalent for the term “resting bitch face.” Men have faces too, and the poor guys don’t receive any recognition for it. All women have to do is walk around without even bothering to smile at every single passerby, and we’re gifted our very own label. In fact, I would say men have even more quintessential facial expressions that reveal what kind of nightmare they are than women do. Let’s give these boys the credit they deserve. For the sake of equality, here is a list of resting faces for men.

Irene Fagan Merrow is a comedian and writer based in Brooklyn. So are Catherine Cohen
and Steven Markow.

Resting "I'm a Father of Two and Am Gonna Make You Feel Uncomfortable by Touching the Small of Your Back" Face

Resting "I Can't Wait to Cut You Off Mid-Sentence and Explain the Point You Were Making but Incorrectly" Face

Resting "I'm a Male Feminist and Will Be Waiting Right Here for You to Thank Me for It" Face

Resting "Can I Buy You a Drink and Then Call You Rude For Not Sleeping with Me After" Face"

Resting "I Took an Improv Class Once and Love to Do Bits" Face

Resting "I Read the News and You Obviously Don't, so Let Me Fill You In" Face

Resting "Did You Cum? Are You Cumming? Are You Gonna Cum? I Just Came, So We're Done Here" Face

Resting "I Hold Open Doors for Women and Also Rate Them on a Scale of One to Ten with My Boys" Face

Resting "I Was on Varsity in High School and That's All I've Got" Face

Resting "I Use Homophobic Slurs but It's Chill Because My Cousin Is Gay" Face