The Funniest College Football National Championship Tweets

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The Funniest College Football National Championship Tweets

Maybe your team won last night’s College Football Playoff National Championship game. Maybe they lost. Most likely you didn’t have a team, because you are neither a state nor a university, but a single human being, one who statistically probably didn’t go to either Clemson or the University of Alabama. No matter your relationship to the two teams in last night’s game, we can probably agree on at least two things. First, it was an exciting football game, as far as football games go (like, I can’t stand to watch football, but I can recognize the proper conditions that go into making a football game feel exciting for those who do like the sport). Secondly, it was a lot more entertaining if you were keeping an eye on Twitter throughout the game. There were some pretty good jokes about this game on that website, alright. Some top notch goofs. Whole bunch of cut-ups on Here’s some of the best lines of the night, courtesy of the following: