Check Out This Hilarious Trailer for Netflix's Friends From College

Comedy Video Friends From College
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There seems to be an influx these days of relationship-focused sitcoms dealing with the perceived hardships of being a late-20s, early-30s urban adult. Netflix is positioning itself to lead that pack with series like Love and Master of None, blazing a hilarious, yet poignant trail. With Friends From College, Netflix looks to be expanding their angsty repertoire.

If you didn’t already know it was a show, from the trailer one might assume that Friends From College was just a classic romantic comedy film. Admittedly the show’s first season only includes eight 30-minute episodes, so it’s basically just a Lord of the Rings: Extended Cut of relationship drama. It has fewer Orcs, certainly, but definitely more scenes of smashing up restaurants with crutches. So it evens out.

Created by Nicholas Stoller (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Neighbors), Friends From College’s trailer shows off a polished, hilarious work of comedy TV. The trailer mostly follows well-known actors Keegan-Michael Key and Cobie Smulders, but also includes a surprisingly subdued Billy Eichner, who has recently decided “to go ahead and try to like [the rest of the cast].” 10 bucks says he flips out in classic Billy fashion at some point during the first season. Also included: several sexy affairs, copious amounts of sailor-level swearing, a Kate McKinnon cameo and the accusation that a character sounds like they’ve taken 3,000 shits.

We won’t have to wait much longer to see the show, as it releases on Netflix July 14. Check out the hysterical trailer above.