The Funniest Fyre Festival Tweets

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The Funniest Fyre Festival Tweets

Here’s the backstory. In short: some scam artists promoted an expensive luxury music festival in the Caribbean using Ja Rule, Kendall Jenner and a variety of Instagram models and “influencers,” and when the attendees got to the island they found a makeshift tent city, no music and some cheese sandwiches. This is Fyre Festival, which has been the main story on the internet since around 3 AM ET when people started to realize what a disaster it had turned into.

If you believe tweets and Reddit posts from people claiming to be at the event, it’s either an unexpected bit of roughing it for people who thought they were dropping thousands of dollars to live in a music video, or else it’s a legitimately dangerous situation that quickly devolved into some kind of Hunger Games / Lord of the Flies-style dystopian anarchy. Either way, basically everybody on the internet who wasn’t at Fyre Festival (which is to say basically everybody in the entire world with access to technology) has spent the last 12 hours making fun of this entire ridiculous event.

Rich people flew to this place expecting something like the image at the top of this post, which was pulled from the festival’s YouTube commercial. Instead of beautiful women hand-feeding fruit to adorable baby pigs on the beach, they wound up with this.

So yeah: jokes happened. Here are some of them. These are the funniest tweets about the thing that happened here, from folks such as: