The Best Gary Johnson Memes

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The Best Gary Johnson Memes

Election 2016 is like a magician’s top hat—you never know what’s going to pop out next. It’s been a Pandora’s Box of characters and moments, each recorded and reported as closely as an episode of The Bachelor, and we, the American people, have our part to play on deciding who gets the final rose. Two candidates lead, Trump on the Republican side, Hillary for the Democratic Party. Or, it might be more correct to say “Not Hillary” for the Republicans and “Not Trump” for the Democrats. This year, the election seems to be about not who inspires us the most but who terrifies us the least. And unlike The Bachelor, we can’t get away with saying, “We don’t like either, we want to keep looking.” Or can we?

This roller coaster landscape might perhaps provide a moment for a third party candidate to actually be in the debates, something that hasn’t happened since Ross Perot in 1992. Enter Gary Johnson: former New Mexico two-term governor and CEO of Cannabis Sativa. If having a third party candidate wasn’t enough to add to the lunacy that is this election cycle, Johnson himself is quite the character. A true libertarian, he is fiscally conservative, socially liberal, and demonstrates that to a tee in his outfits by wearing a tailored-suit with sneakers.

But what are his odds? He needs to poll 15% nationally to be included in the debates, and is already at 13% in some polls (most third party candidates poll in the low-single digits). While he might get to debate, chances are slim that he’d even get close to making a dent in the general election. He appeals to voters both on the left and the right, and as such, Democrats are already yelling that a vote for him is a vote for Trump, while Republicans hurl that a vote for him is a vote for Hillary. Beyond that, he’s a little wacky for a Presidential candidate. He mixes goofy facial expressions with debonair charm, is open about smoking pot, doesn’t believe in restricting guns, climbed Mt. Everest even though he had one broken leg, did a shirtless photo shoot for GQ, and called Trump a “pu**y.” Just in case you thought the election was getting a little dull.

And for those who might think that memes are stupid and have no business in the political scene, a Gary Johnson Super Pac would vehemently disagree, as they have spent $30,000 to create original Gary Johnson memes.