Hannibal Buress Gives the Presidential Candidates Rapper Alter-Egos in this Video

Comedy Video Hannibal Buress
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In this video, F-Comedy asks Hannibal Buress a simple question: If the presidential candidates were rappers, who would they be? The result is a riot.

Buress says Hillary Clinton, who already has a perfect rapper name with HillDog, “would be Diddy. She’s done some stuff some people like and some people hate. She’s super rich, and she got famous by attaching herself to one of the all time greats.”

Buress compares Donald Trump to DJ Khaled, which is spot-on. They’re both loud, arrogant, kind of corny, and have catch phrases.

The best comparison, though is Ben Carson. “Ben Carson? He’s me. He looks just like me,” Buress jokes, “Ben Carson could be my dad.” He then tells Carson to fuck off, for stealing his quirks and cramping his style.

Also, Jeb Bush is Chet Hayes. Who? Exactly. Watch the video below.

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