Goodbye for Now, Hasan Minhaj: Watch the Comedian's Final Daily Show Appearance

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Goodbye for Now, Hasan Minhaj: Watch the Comedian's Final <i>Daily Show</i> Appearance

The Daily Show is bidding farewell to correspondent Hasan Minhaj because “the Muslim band is way more far-reaching than we realized.” Just kidding—he’s starting his own gig at Netflix this October.

Minhaj made his final appearance with Trevor Noah on Thursday night’s episode of The Daily Show and had some friendly recommendations for the biggest issue plaguing millennials this summer: MoviePass. The MoviePass legacy is storied, as at one point the company was losing nearly $20 million a month, and for Minhaj, their strategies for fixing their financial woes just aren’t cutting it. “Thanks to MoviePass, I was paying $10 a month to see $500 worth of movies,” he said. Now, the subscription service only allows subscribers to see three movies a month, “so now what am I going to do?” Minhaj fretted.

For Noah, the trials and tribulations of MoviePass are reminiscent to those of ObamaCare, who suggests they both struggled because there weren’t enough people signing up for the programs to subsidize those who used them all the time. And thus was born the greatest idea Minhaj had on the show: Combine ObamaCare and MoviePass. “So young people get movies, and old sick people get health care. We’ll call it ‘Moviecare.’”

The Patriot Act With Hasan Minhaj premierse on Netflix on Oct. 28. Until then, watch his final Daily Show appearance below.

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