The Funniest Tweets about Ivanka Trump Shutting Down Her Brand

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The Funniest Tweets about Ivanka Trump Shutting Down Her Brand

Sad news for fans of heavily discounted sweatshop clothes: Ivanka Trump is closing down her brand. The First Daughter’s fashion line, which has been a constant source of controversy during this presidency (although a much less prominent and potentially world-ending controversy than most of the other 8000 controversies her dad’s been embroiled in over the last 18 months), will close immediately. Ivanka is spinning it as simply removing a distraction from her more pressing public service work, but the line doesn’t seem to be setting the retail world on fire, so there’s probably more to it than what Trump herself is saying.

No matter the reason, this is exactly the kind of news story that tends to prompt some pretty solid tweets. This isn’t just an unpopular celebrity failing in a very visible way, but the daughter and adviser to a president whose racist policies are tearing families apart and who seems intent on starting a nuclear war via social media. Ivanka’s entire life has become an embarrassment since her incompetent dad got elected, so it’s not a shock that an embarrassing business failure would be the latest log on that particular fire. And it’s even less shocking that Twitter’s making some good jokes about Ivanka’s retail misfortune. Here are the best ones we’ve seen so far today.

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