The Funniest Tweets About James Comey's Firing

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The Funniest Tweets About James Comey's Firing

Every time we try to spell James Comey’s name we accidentally spell it James Comedy because we are bad at typing and have short, stubby fingers and are also not very bright or even all that good at most things. We’re probably brighter and better at more things than our president, of course, because that’s the kind of thing you say when you want to be funny in posts like this. And this post is something you’re probably familiar with: a collection of other jokes other people made on other sites, specifically one site, Twitter, which is maybe more of an app than a site? Or I guess both, simultaneously? Huh.

James Comey was the director of the FBI but just got fired by our president, who is just generally a bad man all around, and also the head of our country right now. Comey’s FBI was investigating ties between Russia and that president’s administration and campaign, so it’s pretty suspicious (and also unprecedented) for the guy to get fired like this. Comey is also well-known for potentially damaging Hillary Clinton’s presidential hopes with his unorthodox announcements about her private email server situation last year. We’re telling you all of this so that you have the context necessary to understand all these top shelf Twitter jokes that we’ve scraped for this here gallery, because without that information you might be wondering who this Comey guy is or what he was fired from or what a president does or the cultural background of the timeless “Female Body Inspector” joke, all of which is absolutely crucial to understanding every single one of these reassuring tweet jokes.

Comedy is good. Let’s appreciate comedy in all of its many forms, while we still can.

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