Watch the Music Video for “Addicted to Computers” from Jon Daly's Album Ding Dong Delicious

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Watch the Music Video for &#8220;Addicted to Computers&#8221; from Jon Daly's Album <i>Ding Dong Delicious</i>

At least a couple times a day, I find myself scrolling on my phone and suddenly realize I don’t know what I’m doing on it in the first place. It’s a substitute for daydreaming, the mental version of a filler word. Thankfully, comedian Jon Daly made a song for people like me: “Addicted to Computers.”

You’ll recognize Daly from his extensive acting credits; he voices the spoiled Sasha on Bob’s Burgers and Judd Birch on Big Mouth, as well as appearing in comedies like Curb Your Enthusiasm, Kroll Show, and Parks and Rec, to name a few. And in case you weren’t aware, he’s quite the musical virtuoso.

“Addicted to Computers” is the lead single off Daly’s debut comedy music album, Ding Dong Delicious, out on June 10. The song takes cues from Kraftwerk, but the rest of the record is an odyssey through different genres: new wave, Irish trad, country, ska, and more. Daly collaborated on the record with Cyrus Ghahremani, as well as a whole host of guests. Indie favorites Colleen Green and Devendra Banhart appear on Ding Dong Delicious, and Daly makes it a family affair by incorporating his brothers Matt and Austin.

If that sounds dizzying, just strap yourself in for the delightfully disorienting music video for “Addicted to Computers.” Starring comedian Martha Kelly (Grace and Frankie, Hacks) and rapper Fat Tony, along with Daly himself, the video is an uncapped fire hydrant of memes both old (The Dress) and new (does Grogu count as new?). In the words of Daly: “Need to fill a soul hole? Try computers—They’re cheap, fast, and you can have sex with them! Validation City! Population: You! Heroin? Take a number! Ladies and gents, let’s tune out, drop in, and swipe right on fun! We’re Addicted To Computers!”

Watch the video for “Addicted to Computers” below. You can pre-order Ding Dong Delicious, out on June 10 via Northern Spy Records, here.