Jon Stewart Takes Over The Late Show to Negotiate with Trump

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Jon Stewart Takes Over <i>The Late Show</i> to Negotiate with Trump

At times like this, when most headlines seem like a punch in the gut, we are sure we are not alone in missing Jon Stewart’s sharp political commentary, and almost as if he sensed it, Stewart made yet another surprise appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Thursday night.

Popping up from under Colbert’s desk, Stewart let his seemingly distressed friend, who himself has had quite the back-and-forth with Trump this week, take a break so that he could send his own message to the president. Stewart makes some (unsuccessful) attempts to “negotiate” with the president, pointing out just how ridiculous it is that Trump is never satisfied, before taking a more genuine moment to make sure that we do not give in to Trump’s “cruelty and fear and divisiveness.”

Watch the Late Show clip below.