Watch Pete Davidson Respond to Kanye's Post-SNL Rant

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Watch Pete Davidson Respond to Kanye's Post-<i>SNL</i> Rant

I know the world spends too much time focusing on Kanye and reacting to Kanye and just generally obsessing with Kanye as it is, but here’s some Kanye guff actually worth watching. Kanye totally Kanyed out at the end of last week’s Saturday Night Live season premiere, performing a song with a Make America Great Hat on and then segueing into his standard political tirade of late about how slavery was a choice and people need to be free thinkers like him, etc. Pete Davidson, who has been the show’s most reliable Weekend Update guest for a few seasons now, and who’s suddenly something of a mainstream celebrity now that he dates Ariana Grande, talked about Kanye’s rant on this weekend’s episode. Davidson doesn’t take it easy on Kanye, but there’s a compassion to it that you never saw from Kanye’s conservative critics (who all suddenly loved him after a decade of mockery the second he embraced Trumpism). Davidson isn’t necessarily respectful to the guy, but the point isn’t to completely belittle or dismiss Kanye—it’s to try and get him help and return him to the Kanye who seemed like a once-in-a-generation talent back when Bush and Obama were president. The whole thing can be summed up by the hat Davidson puts on at the end of the clip, which you can see below.