John Oliver Creates a Doomsday Video With Martin Sheen on Last Week Tonight

Comedy Video Last Week Tonight
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The end of the world is a topic of endless fascination for us, and although we may have reached peak-apocalypse back in 2012 in regard to pop culture, the topic will invariably continue to pop up time and again, with issues such as nuclear disarmament and climate change in need of addressing. CNN, meanwhile, actually went out and recorded a video to be played in the event of a global collapse titled TURNER DOOMSDAY VIDEO, which consisted of footage would actually probably bore everyone to death before the fiery core of the sun imploded and razed all life on earth.

In response to that video, John Oliver decided that he would one-up CNN and make a better end of the world clip on Last Week Tonight. He enlisted the help of Martin Sheen, who, of course, fittingly starred in Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now, to narrate the video, which celebrates some of mankind’s greatest triumphs, from harnessing fire and walking on the surface of the moon to peanut butter and water slides, as well as taking stock of our failures, which include some funny YouTube clips. The film leaves us with a final bit truly deserving of being the last image humans can see before our cities are overrun by hordes of zombies.

Sit back and enjoy the video in the player above.

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