Take The "No-Prank Pledge" With John Oliver and Last Week Tonight For April Fools' Day

Comedy Video Last Week Tonight
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Last Week Tonight may have been off last week, but John Oliver and co. still made sure to leave a little something for their viewers. In a web exclusive video, the talk show host spoke on an event that is fast approaching: April Fools’ Day.

But whereas, you might expect a comedian to rub his hands together in anticipation for the day devoted to pranking, Oliver has a slightly different take on the occasion, saying, “April Fools’ Day is to comedy, as St. Patrick’s Day is to Irish culture—that is to say, it is a mockery of the very concept, that usually ends in a fistfight.”

Oliver then asks his viewers to please raise their right hand and take the “No-Prank Pledge,” promising not to post fake engagement statuses on Facebook or other such tricks, which can all categorized under “don’t be a dick.”

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