Watch an Exclusive Trailer for FXX's Animated Antichrist Comedy Little Demon

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Watch an Exclusive Trailer for FXX's Animated Antichrist Comedy <i>Little Demon</i>

Would junior high be better or worse if you found out you were the literal spawn of Satan? Yeah, you’d be better equipped to deal with bullies, but murdering people probably isn’t something you want to start doing when you’re 13—even if you just suddenly make heads explode without even trying to. I don’t know, murder seems like something you do when you’re older.

We ask because of Little Demon, a new animated series premiering on FXX on August 25. It stars Lucy DeVito as Chrissy, the actual Antichrist, who learns about her heritage while trying to adjust to a new school in the real-world hellscape of Delaware; DeVito’s real-life dad, Danny DeVito (of Going Ape! and Head Office fame), is the voice of Satan, and the always entertaining Aubrey Plaza plays her mom. Based on this trailer that’s premiering exclusively here at Paste, Little Demon will not shy away from the grislier and more horrific possibilities of being the devil’s daughter, promising some good old-fashioned blood-soaked and entrails-disgorged fun.

Little Demon was created by Darcy Fowler, Seth Kirschner, and Kieran Valla, and counts Community and Rick & Morty’s Dan Harmon among its executive producers. It premieres on FXX on August 25, and will be streaming on Hulu, like most of FX and FXX’s programs.