Watch Lizzo Become the YouTube Algorithm in a Cut-for-Time SNL Sketch

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Watch Lizzo Become the YouTube Algorithm in a Cut-for-Time <i>SNL</i> Sketch

Pop superstar Lizzo hosted a pretty good episode of Saturday Night Live this weekend, but as is often the case, some of her best work didn’t air during the show itself. In one of two cut-for-time sketches this week, Lizzo joins Bowen Yang and Chris Redd in a video about a uniquely 21st century activity: watching YouTube on your phone while eating a meal alone. Watch as Yang recounts the weird types of videos that have become inexplicably popular online over the last decade or so, while Redd devolves into a conspiracy-addled mess thanks to the algorithm—played by Lizzo herself.

Check out “Food and YouTube” below, as well as this week’s other cut-for-time sketch, another music-based piece with Lizzo, Yang, and Aidy Bryant playing a pop group who become Costco pitch artists. Is it sponsored content? Does SNL charge less for sponsored sketches that only air on YouTube instead of TV? These are truly the most important questions of our time. Let’s ponder them in silence while watching the videos below.

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