The Funniest Tweets About Louis C.K.'s Leaked Stand-up Set

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The Funniest Tweets About Louis C.K.'s Leaked Stand-up Set

So: read this right here for context on the recent Louis C.K. stand-up set that was leaked onto YouTube. YouTube has since deleted that post, but you can see a pertinent clip of it in this tweet right here, from Jack Allison:

A short recap, then: in his current stand-up set Louis C.K. shows no understanding of why people were angry with him for nonconsensually masturbating in front of unexpecting women, and actually plays the victim in that whole scenario. He also reels off a talk radio show host-worthy tirade about gender identity and political correctness, and talks shit about the survivors of the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High in Parkland, Fla. Because if you’re going to pivot hard towards the right, you might as well embrace Trump-style discord in full force.

We’re not here to talk about C.K. himself, though. We’re here to share with you the best and funniest tweets about C.K. and that terrible leaked stand-up set, in which he sounds less like “the greatest stand-up alive” (as he was often labelled before his past as an abuser was revealed) and more like the fill-in guy for the midnight shift on whatever station carries Rush Limbaugh in your town. Here are some great comedians (and other Twitter users) who are rightfully taking C.K. to task for his embarrassingly shitty stand-up.