Laura Benanti Returns to The Late Show as Melania Trump

Comedy Video Melania Trump
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Melania Trump has been relatively absent from the presidential race since she plagiarized Michelle Obama’s 2008 convention speech at July’s Republican National Convention. In the wake of Trump’s recent controversies surrounding the issue of sexual assault, the actual Melania Trump has resurfaced for interviews with CNN and Fox News. As a result, Laura Benanti’s spot-on impersonation of her has returned to The Late Show, as well.

On Tuesday night’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert sat down for an interview with Benanti as the would-be first lady via satellite, which she was definitely alone for. “And I want you to know we are completely alone,” she said while continuously staring at someone who was clearly off-camera. “There is no one else in the room coaching me.”

Thankfully, Melania has already forgiven Trump for the lewd things he said about women. “Yes, yes, apparently, because he explained it was locker room talk,” she said. “I did not know this, but when American men gather to sport, they always brag about grabbing women by the Billy Bush.”

She went on to suggest that this kind of banter is normal for men. “All men are animals,” she said. “If only a woman could be president.” Alas, we all know that’s a pipe dream. Check out the full clip above to see Fake Melania try her best to escape from the interview, and watch her explain away her RNC speech thievery here.