The Funniest Tweets about Michael Cohen's Testimony

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The Funniest Tweets about Michael Cohen's Testimony

Michael Cohen is currently still testifying before Congress’s House Oversight Committee, and if you aren’t watching, you’re missing some of the most embarrassing displays yet from pro-Trump Republican representatives. Apparently they think making Cohen look incompetent and like the biggest liar ever somehow won’t reflect poorly on the president who employed him for years. That’s not a problem yet, though, because Republicans like Jim Jordan, Jody Hice and Paul Gosar (who are basically golems made entirely of right wing talk radio segments) are doing such a terrible job that they’ve failed to make anything stick against Cohen. Yeah, Cohen’s a liar and a conman, and not a particularly smart one at that, but he’s outclassing these Republicans so thoroughly during this hearing that he’s making them look like even bigger liars, conmen, and ignoramuses. It’s legitimately an impressive feat. Go ahead and check our political team’s fantastic coverage of the hearings if you want some actual news or analysis about the stuff.

If you just want some jokes, though, keep reading. Cohen’s testimony is the kind of spectacle perfectly engineered to dominate the trending topics on Twitter, and, no surprise, that’s what’s happening. Here are the funniest tweets we’ve found so far about Cohen’s testimony, covering stuff like Trump’s contempt for his son Don Jr., the legal threats Trump had Cohen make to prevent schools from releasing Trump’s transcripts, and one Republican’s laughable tactic of having an actual woman show up to play the black employee that PROVES Donald Trump can’t be racist.

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