Watch a Trailer for Mike Myers' New Netflix Comedy The Pentaverate

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Watch a Trailer for Mike Myers' New Netflix Comedy <i>The Pentaverate</i>

Is the world ready for the Mike Myers comeback? Netflix obviously thinks so. They’re premiering the comedian’s new TV show, The Pentaverate, on May 5, marking Myers’ return to the kind of character-based comedy he became known for on Saturday Night Live and in the Austin Powers movie. A new trailer came out today, introducing the show’s Illuminati-inspired concept and four of the major roles that Myers will be playing—one of which is Shep Gordon, the real-life music manager of acts like Alice Cooper and Blondie who Myers directed a documentary about in 2013.

This is the biggest comedy project Myers has worked on since his disastrous 2008 film The Love Guru, give or take a Shrek sequel. After that movie bombed he didn’t pop up with a new character for almost a decade, when he hosted a short-lived revival of The Gong Show as the fictional British comedian Tommy Maitland. His commitment to wearing wigs and prosthetics remains alive in The Pentaverate, where he’ll play eight characters in total, including a few beyond the titular secret society. In the trailer we see Myers playing a news anchor and also a couple of different conspiracy theorists devoted to exposing the sinister cabal—although are you still a conspiracy theorist if your theories are true? Along the way there’s a healthy amount of the low brow humor Myers is known for, as well as the “ain’t I a stinker” mugging he loves to indulge in. If you were hoping Mike Myers would still be Mike Myers even after basically taking over a decade off, you can rest easy, it seems.

Myers will be joined by a cast including Lydia West, Rob Lowe, Ken Jeong, Keegan-Michael Key, Jennifer Saunders, Debi Mazar, Richard McCabe, Maria Menounous, and the voice of Jeremy Irons, who narrates. The six-episode half-hour series launches on Netflix in just over a week, on Friday, May 5. And hey, here’s what the official poster looks like.