Watch the First Trailer for the New Season of Mystery Science Theater 3000

Comedy Video MST3k
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The trailer for the 11th season of Mystery Science Theater 3000 is finally here. The new season is the first we’ve seen of the cult classic in almost 20 years after it was successfully funded by a Kickstarter, which also set a record for highest-funded film and television crowdfunding campaign ever.

Starring Jonah Ray as “Jonah Heston,” the successor to previous hosts Joel Hodgson and Mike Nelson, the new season finds him responding to a distress call on another planet, where he’s enlisted in the continuing experimental study that is Mystery Science Theater 3000, forcing him and his robot compatriots to sit through endless bad movies. The new season also stars Felicia Day and Patton Oswalt as the mad scientists, Kinga Forrester and the brilliantly named “TV’s Son of TV’s Frank,” respectively.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 comes to Netflix on April 14. Check out the trailer embedded above, and go here to see Paste’s overly exhaustive ranking of every MST3K episode, from worst to best, a feat of biblical proportions.