The Funniest Tweets about the Redacted Mueller Report

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The Funniest Tweets about the Redacted Mueller Report

The redacted Mueller Report was finally released today, and although there seems to be lots of compelling evidence of some legit shenanigans going down, there’s roughly a 0% chance that anything will come of it. The GOP and its followers will refuse to believe anything critical of Trump at this point, and the Democratic leadership is too weak, lazy and inert to do anything about it. Good times, indeed.

Pretty much the only thing anybody can do at this point is talk all kinds of shit about Trump and Bill Barr and Sarah Sanders and everybody else who’s helped to derail the full release of the report and an honest accounting of what it actually says. And when it comes to talking shit, nothing’s more vital than Twitter. Here are the funniest tweets about all of today’s news, from Barr’s press conference this morning, to the release of the redacted report later in the day, to the reaction to the predictable cries of “exoneration!” and “witch hunt!” from Trump and his lackeys. Check ‘em out before you start drinking yourself into oblivion yet again.

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