Key & Peele Reveal "East/West Bowl Pro Edition" With NFL Guest Stars

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In the lead-up to their hour-long Super Bowl special tomorrow, comic masterminds Key and Peele have released an update of their hilarious “”East/West College Bowl sketch.

This time around in the “Pro Edition,” in addition to outrageous names such as J.R. Junior Junior Jr. and Strunk Flugget, actual NFL players with stand-out names such as Packers cornerback Ha-Ha Clinton Dix as well as the real-life player name that started the whole thing, New York Jets offensive lineman D’Brickashaw Ferguson, make guest appearances.

The true treat, however, is a cameo at the very end of the bit with a callback to one of their other sketches, which we’ll let you find out about when you watch the video yourself. Go Rhinos!

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