Watch An Exclusive Deleted Scene from the Night School Blu-ray/DVD Release

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Watch An Exclusive Deleted Scene from the <i>Night School</i> Blu-ray/DVD Release

Did you know new Blu-rays and DVDs get released on New Year’s Day? I’m honestly kind of surprised by that. I figured everybody would be too hungover to even open up the Target, much less go shopping at it for the latest Kevin Hart comedy. But yeah, Night School, Malcolm D. Lee’s 2018 comedy with Hart and Tiffany Haddish, hit the stores yesterday, on the first day of this brand new year. Night School, once just a movie starring two of the biggest comedians in Hollywood, is now a physical product you can buy and own and keep on a shelf somewhere within your home. What a 21st century.

I started getting back into physical media last year and one of the things I had almost forgotten about was deleted scenes. When DVDs first came out back in the antediluvian ‘90s one of their big selling points was all the extra stuff packed onto those discs. Commentary tracks were a draw for the most studious of film fans out there, but deleted scenes were the highlight of any good DVD release. And although that never went away, the fact that streaming gutted the DVD market over the last decade means that the allure of the deleted scene isn’t what it once was. That’s a bummer.

So here’s a deleted scene from the Night School home media release. There’s no Haddish here, but Hart’s on the spot, along with former Daily Show correspondent Al Madrigal. (And you’ll catch a quick glimpse of Rob Riggle and Mary Lynn Rajskub, too.)

BUT WAIT. Remember how I mentioned commentary tracks earlier? Well, Night School has one, too, even on its deleted scenes. And here’s that same scene WITH commentary, from director Malcolm D. Lee. Physical media’s back, baby!

Night School is available on Blu-ray, DVD and digital today.