Oregon Militia Organizer Asks America to Please Stop Mailing Him Sex Toys, "Bags of Dicks"

Comedy Video Oregon
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Paste has not yet covered the Oregon militia, and the reason is simple—it doesn’t fall in our sphere of interest.

Until now! Recently, on Facebook, organizer Jon Ritzheimer—who is among the militia members holed up in the wildlife refuge the group seized in protest on Jan. 2—released a video pleading for greater America to stop sending him “gifts.” To Ritzheimer’s annoyance, these gifts were not food or other items that could be used to further the cause (whatever the cause is). Instead, they were mostly sex toys—including several dildos and an edible product called “bag of dicks.” In a dramatic move, Ritzheimer showed his displeasure by sweeping the toys off the table, seemingly unaware of how ridiculous he looked. The entire video is hysterical—a fitting development in the year’s dumbest story—and we encourage you to watch it above.