Forrest MacNeil's Last Ride: Watch the Trailer for the Final Season of Review

Comedy Video Review
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Comedy Central’s Review, a delightfully dark mockumentary-style comedy in which Andy Daly’s Forrest MacNeil reviews life and in so doing, ruins his own, is coming back to your television so it can shine bright once more before it fades away. In season three, Forrest is more dedicated than ever to his insane craft—as the description of the show’s new trailer notes, “this time, Forrest might straight-up die”—and you know he’s riding off into the sunset in six-star fashion. The trailer prominently features Forrest’s wife Suzanne (Jessica St. Clair) recapping all the horrible things he’s inflicted upon their family in his capacity as Review’s host, which serves as a tidy reminder of just how batshit and brilliant the show has been up to this point. The cavalcade of glowing critical praise (including some from Paste) interspersed with those flashbacks certainly doesn’t hurt, either. Watch the new trailer above, find Paste’s exhaustive ranking of all 49 of Review’s reviews here and for goodness’ sake, watch seasons one and two here if you haven’t already—no judgment (except sort of a lot of judgment). Review returns on March 16.