Samantha Bee Interviews Bernie Voters on Full Frontal, Pranks Them on a Warren VP Pick

Comedy Video
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Are Bernie Sanders voters naive, or are the veteran media pros who think that (like Samantha Bee, or at least the version of herself she plays in this video) too cynical? Bee tackled that question on last night’s episode of Full Frontal, gathering together a diverse panel of Sanders supporters (including one aged “Bernie Bro” who we’re pretty sure has to be a college professor somewhere) to figure out how they think Sanders will be able to enact his change with a Congress full of securely gerrymandered Republican seats. She also accurately predicts their reaction to her lying to them about Elizabeth Warren becoming Sanders’ VP nominee. If it seems out of touch with reality for the media to still act like the Sanders candidacy is a hopeless cause supported by dreamers out of touch with reality, well, remember that Full Frontal is a comedy show and appreciate that this segment mostly avoids outright ridiculing the Sanders fans. It’s about as respectful as something can be while still resting squarely within the narrative that the Sanders campaign is destined to fail.