Watch Samuel L. Jackson's Amazing Boy Meets World-Inspired Slam Poem

Comedy Video Samuel L. Jackson
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Cory, Topanga and Mr. Feeny may have left television over a decade ago, but they’ll forever live on in the hearts of Boy Meets World fans everywhere. Apparently, that’s a group that includes Mr. Bad Motherfucker himself, who performed a jazzy ode to the long-running sitcom on Tuesday’s Tonight Show.

Channeling his inner TGIF hepcat, Samuel L. Jackson managed to summarize Cory Matthews’ entire coming of age story in a little under four minutes. No small feat, to be sure, but even more impressive given that it was all delivered in Jackson’s flawless spoken-word cadence. Check it out, and see this year’s solid frontrunner for Pulitzer Prize in ‘90s nostalgia.