Eddie Murphy's Buckwheat Competes on The Masked Singer in This SNL Sketch

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Eddie Murphy's Buckwheat Competes on <i>The Masked Singer</i> in This <i>SNL</i> Sketch

The old days are back again. The past is the present, your memories are made flesh, that gum you like has come back into fashion. Saturday Night Live ate its tale even more than usual last night, and the results were actually pretty great.

Eddie Murphy revived all of his classic characters on Saturday Night Live during his first hosting gig since 1984, and yes, Buckwheat was one of them. And in keeping with the show’s theme, it wasn’t simply regurgitating exactly what Murphy did 35 plus years ago—no, it was regurgitating what Murphy did 35 plus years ago with very slight changes in context and presentation.

Okay, maybe I’m being unfair. Who cares. Murphy’s absurd version of Buckwheat is still funny, and here’s the proof. Despite being memorably gunned down in 1983, the former Our Gang/Little Rascals has apparently survived two decades into the 21st century—almost 40 years after the real Buckwheat passed away—and has become a contestant on The Masked Singer. Yes, it’s not hard for the judges to guess who this corn cob is, given the way Murphy’s version of Buckwheat sings. Check it out below if you’re feeling antsy for 1982—nobody here will judge you if you are.

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