Not Even Santa Can Find a PlayStation 5 in Saturday Night Live's Parody of Eminem's "Stan"

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Not Even Santa Can Find a PlayStation 5 in <i>Saturday Night Live</i>'s Parody of Eminem's "Stan"

There’s a lot going on in this video from this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live. Pete Davidson does a parody of Eminem’s “Stan” (you know, that song from 20 years ago) about how he wants a PlayStation 5 for Christmas, starting off as Santa’s biggest fan before eventually turning into a murderous stalker. Eminem himself shows up at the end, with Jason Bateman playing Santa Claus, Kate McKinnon singing Dido’s part as the mother of Davidson’s character, and then Bowen Yang popping up as Eminem’s real life buddy Elton John. It makes it a little hard to decide how to pitch a piece like this Should we focus on the PlayStation 5 angle? The brief Eminem cameo? The Christmas of it all? As much as I’d love for a headline like “Bowen Yang Plays Elton John in SNL Video” to bring in the views, it probably wouldn’t work as well as something about the PS5. So I guess this is the move: a headline that emphasizes the game tie-in and the holiday, but that also mentions the show and Eminem’s involvement. If you’re reading this, I guess that worked.

Here’s the video. Dig it.

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