Saturday Night Live Debuts First Snapchat Show, "Boycott"

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<i>Saturday Night Live</i> Debuts First Snapchat Show, "Boycott"

The early days of the Trump administration, and the entirety of the 2016 election, have been kind to Saturday Night Live. The 42-year-old show is currently seeing its highest ratings in two decades and seems to be starting fights with the current White House on an almost weekly basis.

To draw even more eyeballs, the sketch comedy show is now on Snapchat with its first “Snapshort.” Titled “Boycott,” it’s of course about Donald Trump or rather how hard it is to reject all worldly possessions that have entered into the Trump orbit. Written by Chris Kelly, Sarah Schneider and Aidy Bryant, the short features Bryant and Beck Bennett swearing off Uber, Lyft, pedicabs, Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond and even clothes to prove their ideological resistance.

The “Snapshort” is the first bit of material to come from the deal NBC Universal inked with Snapchat to produce original content from SNL, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and The Voice. And the network’s not alone, as A&E also just announced a partnership with Snapchat to produce an unscripted show (airing in April) about exes being reunited (per Deadline).

“Boycott” is up now on Snapchat under the Discover section. Watch it here.

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